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Friday, March 13, 2015

Cooking With K.C.: Crab Fest!

    My brother K.C. is a really good cook.  He occasionally teases us by texting pictures of what he is making himself for dinner.  We have been talking about doing a seafood feast for a while.  Crab legs, lobster and the whole works.  We ended up doing Nana's Cajun crab chowder, crab stuffed shrimp, fried oysters and a variety of other mind blowing treats.  No crab legs and lobster though.  K.C. made up for that tonight.  He had us over for a crab leg feast, and feast we did!

     We ate so much crab, twice baked potatoes, pea salad, creamy broccoli and rice casserole, peanut butter popcorn and monster cookies.  Not to mention all the melted butter.  We were all messy and full and tired by the time it was over... but oh so happy!

     K.C. did owe us after sending this picture a couple of weeks ago.

But after all of this, I would say he made it up to us!

The carnage was great and the bellies were full!  I'll share a few recipes later.  Now I must kick back and digest!

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