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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sides and Pies, Thankgiving Inspiration with Celebrate365

It's time to get inspired for Thanksgiving! Plenty of pie and side inspiration to help you fill up your menu!

     Are you ready for Thanksgiving? We are hosting my husband's family this year and we are quite excited about it.  Though Thanksgiving has a lot of traditional foods that must be on the table each year, it is fun to have a surprise or two up our sleeve.  It keeps it fun and exciting.

    Of course we will have a turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy. That goes without saying and could be a meal in itself.  But there need to be plenty of other sides as well.  I am pretty certain I will be making a smaller version of my maple oat streusel sweet potato casserole. There will be green beans and Little Dude is requesting corn. I can't wait to get some new stuffing ideas. I don't have  a stuffing I am head over heels for yet so it would be great to find one!

    Of course after we have had a chance to watch some football and digest the meal, we are going to need some pie.  My mother-in-law is famous for her apple pie, so she is bringing one of those. Maybe it should be joined by a cherry pie.  I'd  happily go for a slice of chocolate pie or oatmeal pie too. I hope one of you give me some inspiration that knocks my socks off!

    The weekend after Thanksgiving we are sure to have some Turkey and noodles.  We will make my great-grandma's egg noodles and they will be a nice plate of comfort. I can't wait! We will likely have them while we are having our family gingerbread decorating contest!

    What are your Thanksgiving must haves?  Are there some dishes you just have to have on the table with no change? What items are your family ok with you adjusting?

    Now here is the link-up! Feel free to add all of your Thanksgiving side and pie recipes and poke around for inspiration.

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  1. This post is perfect timing! My goal this weekend is to create our Thanksgiving menu and gather all of the recipes needed. Then the big grocery shopping can begin! Several people at my table are vegetarian, so the side dishes become main dishes. Thank you for this linkup of so many choices!

    1. Perfect timing. I am feverishly working on the grocery list today so I can do the big shopping tomorrow! I love the side dishes as much as the main even though I'm not vegetarian. So I am loving the inspiration as well!

  2. Oh How I LOVE this Link-Up Carlee, brilliant idea. I feel like I always create the same dishes at Thanksgiving so really like this inspo!

    1. Some Thanksgiving sides are must haves, I think. But it is fun to have a few things that are different each year. I am going ahead and getting some ideas for my Christmas menu as well!

  3. What a fun link up = ok, you said feel free, so I put in SEVEN of my fave pies!! Happy Thanksgiving, Carlee!!


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