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Monday, June 17, 2019

Brown Butter Cowgirl Cookies

These cowgirl cookies have all the good stuff... brown butter, oatmeal, chocolate and hint of salt. They will make you say yee-haw and grab another! 

close up of a stack of brown butter cowgirl cookies next to a glass of milk

      These cookies are a perfect way to quiet your sweet tooth.  The brown butter adds depth of flavor and the final results are the perfect mix of chewy delicious oatmeal and chocolate cookies.  A pinch of salt on top is optional, but adds one more layer of flavor.  Make a batch to share or make some and freeze the extra for when you need to treat yourself!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Deviled Egg Macaroni Salad

All of the flavor of beloved deviled eggs with less pressure to make them look perfect. This deviled egg pasta salad is perfect for picnics, BBQs or just because.

Looking down at a serving bowl of creamy deviled egg pasta salad

      Deviled eggs are always so delicious, but making them for a crowd can be a real chore. This deviled egg macaroni salad is a perfect way to stretch the flavor and make a fun side dish out of it. There are even a few tips for making it extra quick and easy!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Sweet Summertime Cupcake Recipe

Fun multicolored cupcakes that are made from a doctored up cake mix and topped with a simple but cute popsicle decoration. These cupcakes will have you singing sweet summertime!

tray of cupcakes with swirls of frosting, colorful sprinkles and candy popsicle toppers

       Super cute cupcakes do not have to be a challenge to make. This recipe starts with a cake mix, but has all the good stuff added in to make them taste like they came from the bakery. A twirl of frosting and some cute little candy popsicles on top and they are ready for a party!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Old Fashioned Baked Peanut Butter Pie

This peanut butter pie is baked to perfection. It is gooey, peanut buttery and delicious. It is especially good with a drizzle of hot fudge!

close up slice of baked peanut butter pie with drizzle of hot fudge

     If you have never had a baked peanut butter pie, now is the time to change that! This is completely different than the fluffy no bake peanut butter pies but every bit as delicious.  You are going to love the texture and how easy it is to make too.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Decorator's Cream Cheese Frosting {Perfect for Piping!}

All of the tangy cream cheese flavor you love in the classic frosting, but sturdy enough to be piped and hold it's shape. This decorator's cream cheese frosting is the best parts of buttercream and cream cheese frosting combined.

swirl of decorator's cream cheese frosting piped on black slate with multi colored sprinkles on top

     It has been at least a week since I last shared a frosting recipe with you, so it is overdue! This frosting is worth the wait. It has the tang of cream cheese but it is perfect for piping into swirls, rosettes, shells and more.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Maple Balsamic Pork Tenderloin Sheet Pan Dinner

Moist and flavorful pork tenderloin cooked right along with fresh green beans and potatoes. It's a perfect sheet pan dinner that will have your whole family asking for more!

This post is sponsored by the Wisconsin Pork Association. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.

close up plate of pork tenderloin, green beans and potatoes on plate ready to eat

       Succulent pork tenderloin is a perfect way to get dinner on the table. This easy sheet pan meal makes the entree and the sides all at once. It is quick enough for a weeknight meal but nice enough to serve to guests. You are going to love it!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Lasagna

Creamy layers of chicken broccoli alfredo goodness in lasagna form. This is sure to become a favorite dinner!

first bite of chicken broccoli alfredo on fork with piece of cheesy garlic bread on plate

      Who said lasagna has to be red? Not me, that is for sure! My absolute favorite alfredo sauce makes a perfect lasagna that is layered with chicken, broccoli, cheese and maybe even some bacon. Get a salad and garlic bread ready, and be prepared to collect lots of compliments!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Coffee and Cream Sponge Cake

Layers of coffee infused sponge cake wrapped in a fluffy mocha whipped cream, this cake is a coffee lover's dream come true! Coffee and cream sponge cake is a grown up dessert that is sure to impress. 

close up of whole coffee and cream sponge cake on cake stand with mini chocolate chips on top

        This cake is the perfect way to end a dinner party.  It might become your birthday dessert request as well.  The sponge is laced with coffee perfection and frosted with a mocha whipped cream frosting that is going to make you want to take that next bite.  It is like enjoying your coffeehouse favorite in cake form and it really doesn't get much better than that!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Movie Theater Snack Mix

Make  movie night at home better than a trip to the theater with this fun snack mix. It is also a fun munchy for game night and parties!

small popcorn tubs full of movie theater snack mix with popcorn and candy

      This super easy dump and mix snack is perfect for so many occasions.  It's an unexpected mix of some of your favorite movie snacks. It's sweet and salty and easy to take a handful and pop it in your mouth. Just beware, if you have a community bowl everyone will be digging for their favorites.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Peanut Butter Pie With Chocolate Covered Pretzel Crust

This peanut butter pie has it all; a pretzel crust coated with a layer of chocolate filled with creamy peanut butter goodness. There is no whipped topping in site, but it is still super easy to make!

slice of creamy no bake peanut butter pie with drizzle of fudge and chopped peanuts on top

        Peanut butter pie has always been a favorite here.  The creamy peanut butter filling draws me in every time. This pie, however turns it up a notch.  The pretzel crust helps add to that sweet and savory flavor.  The chocolate gives it that something extra. The peanut butter filling is light and creamy without the use of whipped topping, but it is still quick and easy to make.  It checks all of the boxes!