Sunday, January 11, 2015

A tribute to Cori's chickens - A guest post by MiMi

As I was going through my freezer to get some meat the other day I came across some bacon patties from The Butcher Block. I decided to thaw them out to make breakfast sandwiches today. There are only a few special eggs left from my niece and I wanted to poach them so they could really be enjoyed for their flavor. Unfortunately, a coyote attacked and killed all of her beautiful hens. We will miss those eggs. So sad for Cori. What a hard experience to go through. 
The sandwiches were made with toasted bagel thins, cheese slices, the bacon patties that I fried and those very special eggs. Chloe is still home from college and had to get up for breakfast before work. Carlee and Jaxon came too. Of course, Pops enjoyed them also.

A note from Carlee:   My cousin, Cori, was my mom's supplier of farm fresh eggs.  My mom enjoyed having chickens (and fresh eggs) when she lived in the country.  She has fond memories of her grandma in Indiana having chickens as well.  When mom moved into the big city (hee hee), she had to give the chickens away.  So, when Cori and Adam got chickens, my mom wanted to be first in line to buy any extra eggs.  She has gotten weekly deliveries from her supplier ever since!  We are all sad to hear about Cori's chickens... but Jax and I may have to come see the new baby chicks when she gets them in the spring!


  1. I will miss seeing Cori on a regular basis even more than I'll miss the eggs. I enjoy our visits.

  2. I just read this again. Little did we know that Pops would encourage me to get a small coop and 4 chicks. Jaxon does enjoy them. We spend a lot of time watching them and discussing what they are doing. They are laying now so we are enjoying their eggs as well as those from Cori's new flock.


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