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Friday, January 23, 2015

Triple Chocolate Cake Balls

    This is hardly a recipe... but they are good.  Sweet and chocolaty and good and sweet!  I have made a variety of cake balls.  Different flavors, shapes and colors.  My mom has one of those little contraptions that bakes the batter into a ball shape.  I don't have one of those, so I do it the old fashion way... with FROSTING!  Of course I like them better that way anyway.  There are so many ways you could decorate these, so just have fun with them!

Triple Chocolate Cake Balls


1 Devil's Food Cake mix baked according to directions
1 tub of frosting
2 pounds chocolate or candy melt

  1. Cool the baked cake completely and then tear it to little bits, the smaller the better!
  2. Mix the cake with the tub of frosting
  3. Form into balls (or footballs!)
  4. Freeze for a half hour
  5. While the little balls of chocolate goodness freeze, start melting some chocolate in a double boiler.  
  6. Dip cake balls in chocolate while they are still cold.  This helps them hold together and minimizes the bits of cake that end up in your chocolate.
  7. Let sit at room temperature until set.

I have a double boiler for one of my larger saucepans, but I prefer to use a glass bowl over one of my smallest sauce pans.  This way the chocolate is deeper and not spread out so far.  I mixed a little powdered sugar and milk to make a quick icing to pipe on the balls and made laces for the footballs and swirls for the round balls.


  1. These are cute. I think I'll take these to work on Friday to kick off the Super Bowl weekend. They love chocolate! I hope you can come over on Monday for What'd You Do This Weekend.

    Linda @ Tumbleweed Contessa

  2. Very cute Carlee. Thanks for sharing with us at Throwback Thursday. See you again this week.


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