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Thursday, April 16, 2015

TBT - Adult Prom

  I thought it might be fun to do a quick throw back to another party from the past!  The girls and I had been lobbying for a dressed up New Years Eve party.  We never quite got the guys on board.  So, we hijacked Halloween instead!  That'll teach them to be obstinate!

    We decided to hold prom in our unfinished basement.  Because, where there is prom there is spilled beer.  Am I right?
     We set up one side for dinner and the other for the dance floor!  
Matt worked hard building the playlist and getting things ready.  
I made sure the decorations were in order and made some treats.

     We had planned to go to the river for pre-prom pictures, just like we did in high school.  But it was so cold we opted for the next best thing.  We went to mom's house and had pictures in front of the fireplace.
Then we moved back to our house for dinner and dancing!
See?  What did I tell you?!
Of course we needed some on-site photos too.
And a little entertainment
After we wore ourselves out dancing, it was time for after-prom.  We moved the tables to the other side of the room and set out all of our high school party favorites.  Plenty of skittles, queso and little smokies to go around!
And of course, bags!



  1. You all look so nice. That was a lot of fun! I'm glad they came here to take pictures. Some of their parents even came to take there pictures just like they did when you guys were in high school


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