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Thursday, April 23, 2015

TBT - Cracker Jax's First Birthday Party

    Somebody little has a birthday coming up.  The big 2!  I have started getting things together for his party.  Ok, fine.  I ordered his invitations back in January or February.  Whatever!  I'm excited, I can't help it!  His second birthday will be a nice little party with just his immediate family.  He is going through a really shy phase right now and he shouldn't have to be miserable at his own birthday party just so I can throw a blowout.

    Anyway, all of this thinking about his second birthday has me reminiscing on his first.  It was a week-long event!  I don't know about him, but I enjoyed every minute of it!

    The weekend before his birthday, our friends Julie and Dana (his official photographers) met us at the park for his one year old photo shoot.  I won't bore you with the whole array of pics, but here are a few to give you an idea:

     And of course we wanted smash cake pictures... but we really wanted his first cake to be at the party.  So, I made something along the lines of a banana bread... made with mostly bananas, ground oats, olive oil and sweetened with honey.  It sounds strange, but was really tasty.  I frosted it with a whipped cream cheese.  It had all of the looks of cake, but was actually pretty healthy.  And we got to save the first cake for the party!

   On the day of his actual birthday, we invited our immediate family over for pizza and a big tray of cookies.  His first real dessert... but we were still saving the cake!  We opened a few presents and got to make his big day special.

    The following weekend was the big party.  My sisters both graduated last May as well.  One from pharmacy school and one from high school. So we had a joint party.  Theirs was a two smart cookies party with a cookie bar and Jax had a Cracker Jax party with a popcorn bar.  Since we were having quite a crowd, we rented a shelter house in the park.
   We made a poster with his monthly pictures:
And a few more memories along the way:

     Somehow I don't have any pictures of the cookie bar, but MiMi really outdid herself.  There were so many types of cookies.  She also had varieties of frostings and sprinkles to decorate them with.  Here is some of the popcorn.  

  Somehow I have a picture of one of Matt's plates of cookies, maybe because he took charge of the camera and was quite proud of the 5 cookies, three frostings and array of sprinkles he chose for that trip to the cookie table.  I bought an industrial hot dog roller for the party!  I was going to rent one, but we have used it for football parties since.  I am sure we will more than get our money's worth.  We also set up MiMi and Pops' popcorn machine and had a variety of popcorn sprinkles in case you couldn't find what you wanted otherwise!

   Jax finally got to eat his first real cake.  I was still hesitant, but settled on an organic mix I found and homemade icing with less sugar than normal.  Hey, he had nothing to compare it to, so he thought it was great!

   We had a lot of fun!  Oh, and did you see the Cracker Jax shirt I made him?!

    Now back to planning the next party!



  1. So cute! I just love his little face haha.

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    1. We kind of like him ;-) Thanks for hosting!

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