Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Mother's Day Tribute to MiMi

    For those of you that don't know, MiMi is my mom.  She is Jax's MiMi... which pretty much makes her MiMi to the whole family now.  It is funny how one little guy changes the way everyone functions!

   So, I thought I would give you a little background on us.  I am the oldest of six kids.  She stayed home and raised us all.  She had three girls and three boys.  We come in boy-girl sets.  Me, two years, my brother.  Four years. Another brother, two years, a sister. Four years. Another brother, not quite two years, a sister.  So she was BUSY!  We always had home cooked meals, so my love of cooking probably came from her.  I must have been helping her at an early age, because my grandma likes to tell me about how I told her how to make a pot roast when I was two.

  Even though we have moved out, she is still there for all of us.  She keeps tabs on what everyone is up to and tries to get us all together for "family dinner" at least once a week.  If you poke around the blog much, you can probably tell she is my biggest supporter.  She is always sending recipes, pictures and sometimes full posts for the blog.  So, I thought it would be fun to do a quick roundup of some of MiMi's favorite contributions.

   Happy Mother's Day to everyone and especially to you, Mom!

MiMi wrote a fun post of one her favorite things her mom made her: Hamburger Surprise

MiMi and Pops used to have a bunch of chickens who laid a LOT of eggs.  So she tried every deviled egg recipe out there and landed on this one as her favorite.

She can't remember how she started making pork chops in mushroom soup gravy, but it has been a family favorite for as long as I can remember!

These Cavanaugh's noodles were one of her childhood favorites.  She still makes them for us today!

She also makes really good sweets:

This Toll House pie is a classic.

And she goes on kicks of making up new homemade ice cream flavors.  This churro ice cream was a hit!

And of course there all of the flavors of fudge!!!

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  1. Wow Carlee. You sure know how to make me feel special. I feel so blessed by our family. The fact that you all make such an effort to gather around our table for family dinners is icing on the cake. Pops and I appreciate that more than you kids could know. Thank you for this honor. Good thing my "dessert box" was empty because you just filled it with this sweet blog post. P.S. You blow me away with what a wonderful mother you are and your creativity in the kitchen is fun to see. I'm so glad you have decided to share family history through the recipes you collect.


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