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Friday, June 12, 2015

Loveless Cafe Inspired Menu - Family Dinner at MiMi's

   So by now, most of you know that we have family dinner at MiMi and Pops' house every weekend.  Whoever is available comes.  We eat too much, we catch up on the goings on and we then we eat a little more.  This past week, my sister Kristie and a few friends went to Nashville.  While there they made a stop at the famous Loveless Cafe.  MiMi was in heaven shopping the internet store and directing Kristie what to buy for her while she was there.  Her shopping list ended up including a couple of cookbooks (surprise, surprise), an apron, biscuit mix and a variety of other items.  I won't name them all in case Pops is reading ;-).

    MiMi knew she wanted to cook some recipes from the cookbook for us all to enjoy, so she made a whole menu of Loveless inspired items.  The biscuits were very light and airy with just the right amount of buttery goodness.  Here is what MiMi had to say about making them:

I made the biscuits exactly as suggested on the back of the bag of biscuit mix.  Lately, I have been studying up on how to make the perfect biscuits.  I feel like Southerners are known for their biscuits so I have focused on recipes from several well-known southern cooks.  Two things I have learned from them are that you must use buttermilk and your biscuits should be touching when baking.  I always have left space between mine so that they would brown all the way around.  I decided to have them touching when I baked these today because that is what the recipe and well-known southern bakers suggest.  The way I understand this is that it helps the biscuits rise without getting tough on the edges.  The edges should be as soft and flaky as the inside of the biscuit while the tops are golden brown.

Don't they look yummy?

We also had:

Braised pork chops (don't mind that one is already missing here!)

Cream Corn

and of course for dessert:

   They were all great!  I am pretty sure we could eat our way through this cookbook with no problem!


  1. I had so much fun making this meal. It would be fun to pick another cookbook and make an entire meal from it. I may have more trouble choosing which cookbook to use than picking the recipes. I have some new ones I'm excited to read.

    1. It was a very tasty dinner, that is for sure!

  2. As if I wasn't hungry enough! I need that book :)


    1. I know it all sounds so good! It is definitely all comfort food at it's finest. My mom sent the book home with me for a few days, but I couldn't study it too closely. It was full of too many (tasty) bad ideas!


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