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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pecan Pie Throw Down: The Results

    As the sun began to set on our pecan pie throw down, I brought Jax in to go to bed and took a quick peek at the judging sheets.  It was funny to see just how subjective such a venture is.  One sheet said "crust just ok" and another said "best crust ever" for the same pie!  So, it just goes to show you that everyone has different tastes and it is hard to please everyone.

    Some other comments from our scoring sheets:

"Too many pecans" 
"I love the brownie filling"
 "Good in parts, not as good together"
"Amazing crust"
"Love the filling"
"Crust is a little too sweet"
"Do not mess with traditional pecan pie"
"Amazing crunchy crust"
"One of the best versions of pecan pie"

   Overall both pies were very well received.   The scores were all pretty good and everyone was quite happy to be taste testers.  With bacon and brownies and contenders, it was hard to go wrong.  It was so much fun to hear what people were saying even hours after we did the tasting.

     They were still discussing what they liked about each one, and who in their family makes the best pecan pie.  I have heard that Matt's grandma makes an excellent one.  We will have to get that recipe some time.  Sam says his mom's is best, the top comes out like creme brulee.  I would love to try that as well.

    My grandma called and said I was in big trouble.  She makes pecan pie too!  Aunt Donna would have been a fun contestant as well.  She is the Thanksgiving pie baker for Rees family gatherings.

   We had 12 happy voters (plus a few non-voting tasters, like myself).  I think all of them would be happy to eat either pie again.  But in the end, there can be only one winner.  The brownie pie took the slight edge over the bacon BBQ pie.

   The funniest part is, there was a third pie at the party.  It was a more traditional pecan pie.  It had a maple and honey filling rather than a corn syrup one, but there was no added brownie or bacon.  It didn't have any big frill to set it apart.  It also didn't have scoring sheets, but a lot of the people who tried all three said they would have voted for that one.

   It turns out when it comes to certain pies, we like what we grew up with.  From listening to people talk about it, if you grew up with chopped nuts then you want chopped nuts.  If you grew up with whole nuts, that is what you prefer.

     If your mom's is best, there is no messing with that!  People like to try something different, and they might even really enjoy it, but sometimes you just want what you know.


    Pecan pie goes with one of the most traditional meals of the year, so it is steeped in nostalgia. Thanksgiving is one of the only meals in our family where you know pretty much exactly what to expect.

    There may be some additions that change each year, but you can count on the staples.  Pecan pie is one of those.  Though either of these pies would make a fine addition, the people spoke and you don't mess with a good pecan pie! ;-)


  1. I read all the posts with baited breath wanting to see what happened! LOL

    It's true though... mom's is always best ;) Funny thing... I love pecan tassies (, because I love more crust than anything and well, mom makes them :)


    1. Both pies were really good, but I think especially when you are talking about a food that is served at such a traditional meal, the nostalgia of what you grew up with wins. Tassies are really good, but I haven't made them too many times. I will have to make some soon!

  2. And there you have's all in the palette of the beholder! LOL...I read all your post about this taste off and I love it. Cute idea and very smart way to keep us engaged. I wish I could have been there to taste test! Thanks for sharing. Found you over at best of the blogosphere.

    1. You should come next time! Both pies really were very good. So they were all winners. Personally I am glad MiMi edged out the bacon pie because we actually have to see her!! ;-)


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