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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Apple of Their Eye Baby Shower - Waiting to meet baby Kelly!

     I figured it was about time to give a sneak peek into the apple shower!  We had a great time celebrating baby Kelly.  Lindsey's sister-in-law Shannon threw her big traditional shower the week before.  So we had a chance to have a small group couples shower. 

    So we had an "Apple of Their Eye" shower.  It was a perfect fall theme and a lot of fun to bake for!  It was also fun and easy to do a few decorations!  Since we had all done traditional gifts the week before, this time everyone brought diapers for baby and a couple of scratcher tickets for baby's college fund!

        Of course there was plenty to eat... all to fit the theme!

    Even the little ones had fun.  They can't wait to meet their future friend!

     We all guessed how big around Johnny's belly is.  

   It turns out we could use the same string to measure around Lindsey!

   We might have had a little fun at John's expense over that!  It was really crazy how exact it was (sorry John!)

     It was quite the event trying to figure out who had guessed the closest.  I came close, but in the end I lost to Sam. 

   We had the best time getting to see everyone.  It seems that much harder to get people together as each year passes.  I hope they all enjoyed themselves.  If nothing else, I think they went home full!


  1. Looks like fun and you stuck with the theme!! So many great apple dishes! Thanks for sharing on My 2 favorite Things on Thursday - link Party! Hope to see you again this week! Pinned!

    1. We had a blast and it was a lot of fun to cook for! See you at the party!


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