Monday, January 16, 2017

Easy Family Meal Plan Week 2

     I hope you enjoyed last week's meal plan.  This week is going to be another delicious one!  With an ice storm sweeping the nation, having your meals planned out and the shopping done is that much more of a life saver!

    I'll start you off with a bowl of Lisa's Pumpkin Soup.  It is savory with a great combination of spices. It is also easy, creamy and will warm you from the inside out!

    After that we'll serve up a dinner of Chicken Noodle Casserole from Joyful Homemaking.  Mmmm, just look at that creamy goodness!

     Another hearty and flavorful meal comes up next! This Slow Cooker Harvest Roast from Jonesin' for Taste is perfect for a cold and busy day!

    Some 30 Minute Chicken Fajitas from New South Charm will definitely make for a table full of happy bellies.

     Next we'll cozy up with a bowl of this Lasagna Soup from Joyful Homemaking. Doesn't that look amazing?

    Of course we'll need a little treat along the way.  This Milky Way Poke Cake from A Day in Candiland is sure to do the trick.


  1. This looks like a week of perfectly hearty meals for all this yucky weather. I am always a sucker for a slow roasted roast and veggies and chicken noodle casserole, yes! Just what the doctor ordered! Have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. Hi Carlee, there is not a meal I would turn my nose up here and as for the cake?.. I like cake. I am going to check out the chicken noodle casserole as I've never heard of such a thing and the cake goes without saying!


    1. Thanks, Debbie! It's hard not to get hungry just thinking about it isn't it?

  3. Another great collection, Carlee! Yum!


  4. Thanks for sharing your weekly meal ideas--it sure helps to have something planned out!


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