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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Our Favorite Hot Sandwiches

There are so many fun ways to turn sandwiches into dinner. These recipes are some of our favorite hot sandwiches for a family meal, a party and more.

collage of hot sandwiches on dinner plates

      Hot sandwiches are such a fun dinner option.  This collection includes great slow cooker and instant pot options as well as a super quick stove top option or two.  There is something for everyone in this list. Chicken, pork, beef, whatever you prefer there is bound to be something you like. 

     Warm sandwich fillings are super versatile.  They are fabulous for quick family dinners. 

    The slow cooker recipes are great for casual parties as well.  They stay warm for serving later. 

     No matter which recipe you choose to try first, it is sure to be a winner. Work your way through the list for a bunch of new favorites for your family.

Slow Cooker Sandwich Fillings

Slow cookers are still a fabulous way to make dinner.  The long slow cook makes for a tender and flavorful result.

You can let it cook all day and come home to the most wonderful smells.  Everything will be fork tender and ready to go.

This also makes it great for serving at casual parties.  It stays warm whenever people are hungry, just leave out all of the fixin's. 

 Flavorful hula pulled pork that has just enough sweet and heat to make it interesting. It is so easy to make in the slow cooker and is perfect for sandwiches, over rice and more! The sriracha in the sauce makes it super yummy!

Lemon, yogurt and oregano are classic Greek flavors that come together in this impossibly easy slow cooker pita filling. The slow cooker makes the chicken tender and flavorful. A pita pocket holds it all together. Add some fresh veggies or tzatziki sauce and dig in!

This slow cooker chicken and gravy is great on sandwiches, on mashed potatoes, pasta, rice and more.  It is creamy, delicious and comforting. 

These chicken Parmesan sandwiches are a perfect busy night dinner. The chicken cooks in the slow cooker all day so all you have to do is shred and assemble when you get home!

Instant Pot Sandwich Fillings

The pressure cooker does the work of the slow cooker in a fraction of the time.  It makes fork tender meat in no time. 

Pulled pork is one of our favorite party meals. Usually it takes all day on the smoker or in the slow cooker, but it doesn't have to. This root beer pulled pork is super flavorful and is made so much quicker.

The filling for these Italian beef sandwiches is just 4 simple ingredients. Have some rolls ready and some Provolone if you want it (and you do!) and you'll be ready to go! This is an easy dinner worthy of being on your regular menu rotation.

Stove Top Sandwich Fillings

Of course a skillet is a fine place to make a meal as well.  Sometimes you just need to turn on the burner and whip up a quick dinner!

If you are looking for a super simple dinner for a busy night, maid rites are definitely a great answer! They are one of those dinners that nobody complains about and it will likely take you longer to make the sides than the main dish. Plus they scale so easily, so they are perfect for parties too.

Big gatherings call for big batches of food! These sloppy joe sandwiches are a perfect way to feed a crowd without a ton of effort. You could also make a big batch now and freeze it in smaller containers for quick and easy dinners later. Now that's meal planning!

There are so many fun ways to turn sandwiches into dinner. These recipes are some of our favorite hot sandwiches for a family meal, a party and more.


  1. I was just thinking a pot pie sounded good but then again, I could just eat the lemon cupcakes every night, lol!!!!

    1. We've definitely been having some pot pie weather lately, but I agree... pass the cupcakes!

  2. There is no better time you spent with your family. so this is a nice for my family too.

  3. Yumm! That pot pie sounds good! Actually everything does haha

  4. Carlee, they all look amazing! I love the Zuppa Toscana Pizza!! What a great idea! And those cupcakes....oh my. I'm making them for sure, especially since I have a zillion lemons and decided NOT to make the lemon meringue pie I was gonna make!


    1. Mmm, now I want a lemon meringue pie too! Yum!


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