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Monday, February 27, 2017

Our Favorite Homemade Granola Recipes

Homemade granola is so much more affordable than what you can buy in the store, plus you can customize it to make it just the way you like it! Here are some of our favorite recipes to get you started. 

jars of maple cinnamon granola and yogurt

Toasted maple cinnamon granola is filled with our favorite flavors.  It is super simple to make and goes so well with fruit and yogurt. 

bowl of yogurt topped with chocolate granola and strawberries

This toasty delicious chocolate granola is out of this world delicious. It is great eaten by the handful, sprinkled on yogurt or eaten as cereal with milk! Whatever you do, just make some!

bowls of yogurt with lemon curd and coconut granola

Delicious toasted coconut granola  is so easy to make and makes and excellent breakfast, brunch or light snack. We love it served with fresh berries and yogurt!

spilled jar of honey almond granola

Of course honey almond granola has to be good.  It is perfect eaten as is, with milk or on yogurt as well!


  1. That soup..right up my alley and how fun do those turkey burgers sound!!! Im gonna thaw out some turkey and try those this week!!

  2. Hi Carlee, there's something for everyone in this list. I do fancy the apple, bacon and turkey burgers and wouldn't say no to a vanilla cupcake.


    1. Doesn't that sound like a perfect evening? Burgers on the grill and cupcakes waiting in the wings!

  3. Another delicious group of recipes! I love your meal plans - such inspiration.

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