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Monday, March 13, 2017

Easy Family Meal Plan Week 10

Is it just me or do Mondays just keep coming faster and faster?  As the weather warms up it seems like time speeds up a bit too.  I get home from work and want to spend some time out playing with little dude before I have to get dinner going.  So knowing what we are having and having as much prepped as possible makes it that much easier to get it all done.  Of course that starts with getting a menu planned.  It just so happens that we have done that work for you!

    I'll kick things off with these Loaded Pierogi.  They are a fun twist on Polish comfort food.  They are part loaded baked potato and part delicious dumpling.  You should definitely check them out.

   With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, these Corned Beef Sliders definitely should make your menu.  Didn't Susanne from New South Charm make them look delicious?

   I don't know about you, but I love chimichangas and the baked versions I've tried have turned out great.  So I am looking forward to giving these Baked Chimichangas by Jonesin' for Taste a try!

   We have another cold stretch forecasted, so you know that makes me think of soup.  This Stuffed Pepper Soup from Budget Girl looks like it will fit the bill nicely.

    Spaghetti is always a favorite dinner here, I don't know why I don't make it more often!  So this Family Tradition Spaghetti from A Day in Candiland will be welcomed!

    I love a pumpkin treat all year round, so I am happy to see this beautiful Moist Pumpkin Cake from Joyful Homemaking.  Bring it on!


  1. You know me, I can go for pumpkin anytime of year wish I had a slice of that cake right about now. I'm at a stoplight as people are crawling with our 3 inches of snow we had. Love your meal plans and love some of the Saint Patty's theme for meals. I hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Drive safely! Luckily the snow basically missed us!

  2. Hi Carlee, I have just phoned my husband to pick up a takeaway on the way home as I am feeling totally uninspired to cook. I have a whole chicken in the fridge and plenty of ingredients, but no inspiration... Or maybe I'm just feeling lazy (shhhhhh). I should have read your post earlier! There isn't one meal I wouldn't happily eat f it were handed to me (yep, I'm definitely feeling lazy). The stuffed pepper soup does sound interesting as does the loaded pierogi.


    1. My husband threatened to order a pizza the other night... I threatened him within an inch of his life ;-) We have so many leftovers in the fridge that I can't even think straight. It is really nice to have some inspiration though. Deciding what to make and feeling inspired about it is always the hardest part!


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