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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Easy Family Meal Plans Week 27

This week's menu is planned for you! There are 6 great dinner recipes and a sweet reward for making it through another busy week!

     I sat down to write this post without much on my mind to say.  They I typed in the title and when I got to week 27 it made me pause for a minute. Week 27? Really?! That means we are more than halfway through the year.  I know, it makes sense. It is July afterall.  But it is the first time it hit me and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Grateful? Relieved? Amazed it went that fast? Sad it went by so fast? Maybe a little of all of it. All in all, I'd say we've had a lot of fun so far so I'll be happy for that much if nothing else!

    Now onto the food.  Of course this week is looking yummy, we wouldn't expect anything less.  I always love seeing what everyone else is sharing as their contribution.  They have the best ideas and we can all use a little inspiration! So without further ado, I present your menu:   (Yes, I totally say that in my best Lumiere voice every time I type it! Do you read it that way? Please say you do!)

Peaches and nectarines are a favorite here.  Little man and I have picked up a big bag every week for at least the last three weeks.  We will be so sad when the season is over.  In the meantime, I can't wait to try these nectarine pork chops from Jonesin' for Taste.

I can't wait to try these cheeseburger sloppy joes from Tastefully Eclectic.  It seems like sloppy joes are one of those foods you associate with being a kid with the whole family around the table. I want to keep the tradition alive!

I bought a big bag of chia seeds for the overnight oatmeal I always say I'm going to make, but never do.  Why can't I follow through on something so simple? I know I'll love it. Back to the point, I may have to use some of them for this chia seed pizza from A Day in Candiland instead!

You know we love to grill some marinated chicken.  So I can't wait to make this Tequila Lime Grilled Chicken again!

Little man will love helping me make these chicken cordon bleu cresecent rollups from Joyful Homemaking!

My husband looooooooooves wings.  He wants our next cooking competition to be a wing-off.  We'll see about that.  In the meantime we should practice with these honey garlic grilled chicken wings from New South Charm.

And of course we should treat ourselves for surviving another busy week.  How about some of this grasshopper cake from Recipe Treasures? I don't know about you, but that is calling my name!

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