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Monday, July 3, 2017

Our First of July Hog Roast

We celebrated the 4th of July on the first this year and we had a blast! I can see this hog roast becoming and annual event.  Here's a peek at how our day went.

first of july hog roast graphic over hog roasting box

          Monday mornings are not known for being especially pleasant.  Monday mornings before a Tuesday holiday are even worse in my opinion! Don't get me wrong, I am happy to have a holiday any day of the week. But if there were a petition going around to make all holidays long weekends, I would certainly sign it!  Motivation is so hard to come by on Mondays anyway and my guess it is going to be even harder today.  Oh well, we'll plod through anyway.

dad and brother flipping hog in roasting box with grandma standing watch

          Honestly the fact that we had such a fun weekend is only adding to the problem.  My brother K.C. and my parents hosted a hog roast on Saturday.  Little dude had been looking forward to the festivities for weeks.

    We had been counting down the sleeps until party day.  We ordered some fun water balloons for the occasion and he was pretty sure somebody was going to get him some snappers and sparklers.

   The plan was to head over mid afternoon and maybe hang out by the pool, see how the pit master was roasting the hog and help MiMi finish getting stuff together.

little dude filling up water balloons

     About lunch time little dude noticed K.C. was pulling out of his driveway.  He was so worried he was going to miss something and he just knew "his and K.C.'s party" was going to be so much fun.

     He could hardly stand himself any longer!  Somehow the ants in his pants spread to ours too and we figured we might as well head over.

     It was really interesting to watch the process.  It was a lot easier and quicker than I had imagined.  Pops borrowed a La Caja China for the event.  

     You put the charcoal on top and the pig is in a rack in the box.  It only takes about 3 hours plus resting time.  

   The best part is the directions are right on the roaster, so if you get to doubting yourself you can double check!  Of course the family pit master(s) did a great job of getting it cooked.

    MiMi did a great job of getting all of the sides together and they had everything set up nicely.  So then all we had to do was sit back and wait for the party to arrive.

    Well, that and swim, pet the kitties, check out the other animals, feed the chickens scraps, throw water balloons at each other, light smoke bombs and throw poppers.  You know, the normal stuff!

me and my brother chopping roast hog

    The hog was done roasting just as the party was arriving and settling in.  MiMi thought it would be fun to stick an apple in it's mouth, but the one she picked was a bit big!

    After it was rested, we worked on getting it ready for the folks.  We did two containers, with and without crackling so people could have their choice.  Then they rang the dinner bell and people lined up.

bowl of frito corn salad

     MiMi made the chili cheese corn salad that Corn, Beans, Pigs and Kids shared recently and it was delicious.  So was the BLT pasta salad, cheesy potatoes, berries, watermelon, veggie tray and more.  If you went home hungry, it was your own darn fault!

      After that we watched some fireworks and enjoyed the rest of the evening catching up with friends and family.  It really was quite nice.

    Sunday we got back together and MiMi and Pops' place to celebrate my Aunt and cousin's birthday.  My aunt, who happens to be my godmother, and her daughter, who happens to be my goddaughter, share a birthday and it's today!!

    Happy birthday you guys!  So got out the grills and the food and partied again!

    This time MiMi let me pitch in so I made a cake I will probably be sharing later in the week and she made homemade blackberry ice cream from our homegrown berries that everyone was raving over! Fun fun fun!

fireworks in the sky

     Enjoy your week!


  1. We had such a fun day. 💥 💥💥🐖💥💥💥 Best pork ever!

  2. For some reason, the whole Tuesday holiday thing was really hard to handle! I really struggled. Looks like your day was a complete and delicious success!

    1. Tuesday holidays are hard, but better than no holiday! It was so much fun! Thank you!


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