Sunday, October 15, 2017

Crocktober Linkup #Celebrate365

As the busy fall season gets into full swing and we want comfort food at it's finest, it's time to break out the slow cookers and instant pots. Here's a chance to share your favorites and be inspired!

     This time of year is always extra busy for us.  We are in the middle of birthday season, there is holiday after holiday and I can't help but to throw in an extra party here and there. It seems to happen every year.  Couple the busy days with cooler weather and a hankering for comfort food and it is the perfect time to pull out the slow cooker.

     So my friends from Corn, Beans, Pigs and Kids and Tip Garden and I are throwing a virtual party celebrating all things slow cooker and instant pot.  Yep, its #crocktober and we are ready to share our favorite recipes and be inspired as well.

     If you have a blog, drop in links to your best slow cooker and instant pot recipes. If not, feel free to poke around and find something new to try. 

*Leaving links gives those of us at #Celebrate365 to share a picture and link in a future post and on social media with full credit.


  1. So I sat down to read this and I literally have 2 of my crocks going this rainy cold Sunday morn. LOVE this link-up my sweets...great idea with the name, Crocktober is catchy and FUN!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it nice to have some inspiration? Thank you!

  3. I didn't realize how many crock pot soups I had posted. This is a great idea to round up everyone's best.
    Thanks, Linda

    1. I'll have to check them all out! I don't use my slow cooker nearly as often as I should!

  4. What a great collection of recipes for the slow cooker!


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