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Friday, December 15, 2017

22 of the Best Cookies for Your Christmas Goodie Trays

So many great cookie recipes.  There will be something for everyone on your list. Christmas cookies have never looked so good!

     It is crunch time for holiday baking.  We have already passed out a healthy dose of Christmas trays, so I have my supply of cookies to a {somewhat} reasonable level.  Maybe I've made enough room to make more cookies?! Either way, I thought it would be fun to round up some of my favorites from our virtual cookie exchange and highlight a few that are on my list of goodies to make.

    Between the virtual cookie exchange and all of the great #CookieWeek recipes, I am feeling really inspired.  There are so many fun recipes I want to try!

    Some of them may have to wait until next year for me, but maybe you are looking for a couple of more cookies to make this year.  I am sure there are some old favorites in here and maybe a new recipe or two that you've never tried.

 Maybe we should turn this into a real cookie exchange instead of a virtual one.  Then we could each make a batch and trade so we could try them all!!

     Have you ever participated in a cookie exchange? This year some friends and I got together with baskets and baskets of ingredients and went to work.

   Rather than bringing things pre-baked we did it all here.  Cookies, candies and treats galore! We made over 20 different treats.

   I wish I could do a whole post on the fun, but my hands were too covered with cookie dough most of the time to get any good pictures!

     Now let's get down to business and ogle some delicious cookies!  Hold on to your sweet tooth, this is going to be a wild ride!

peppermint crunch cookies

    1. We'll start the party with these Peppermint Crunch Cookies from The Monday Box. She has the MOST AMAZING cookie recipes and these are a time saver recipe that is perfect when your to bake list is longer than hours in the day! 

plate of melting moment cookies with simple glaze and sprinkles

  2. Melting Moments cookies are always a favorite.  They are buttery and melt in your mouth like snow, only tastier.  The cornstarch in the dough makes them super tender and delicious.  You will be surprised how simple they are. 

These crumbly and buttery shortbread Christmas cookies are topped with sliced almonds and then drizzled with a heavenly eggnog-infused almond glaze.

     3. These heavenly almond cookies from Faith, Hope, Love & Luck look like the perfect combination of buttery cookie and crunchy almonds. A touch of egg nog and a pinch of sea salt adds an extra kick in the taste buds!

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Stack

    4. These chocolate crinkle cookies are a tradition in a lot of families, but they are a new favorite to mine! They are soft on the inside, with a nice crunch on the exterior. Plus the decorate themselves! They are easy to make and delicious. 

Homemade Chocolate Mint Oreos

    5.  These homemade chocolate mint Oreos from Corn, Beans, Pigs and Kids are definitely speaking my love language. These are all mine, you'll have to make your own!

sour cream cookies

    6. Next up are one of my favorites from one of my favorite bloggers! These sour cream cookies from Big Rigs and Little Cookies look soft, tasty and festive. They will be a pretty and popular addition to your cookie tray!

fudge dipped crescent cookies

      7.  These melt in your mouth fudge dipped crescent cookies are a Christmastime must in my family. They have tiny bits of pecans throughout and a thick glaze of fudge on the outside. They are a bit like snowball cookies only better! Make some for your treat trays or make some for yourself!

Peppermint Candy Cane Cookies

     8. These peppermint candy cane cookies from Karen's Kitchen Stories look so festive and I bet they taste that way too.  I know my Little Dude would love to help make them too! 

grinch cookies

     9.   Little dude is a huge fan of Christmas.  So much so that he dressed up as Santa for Halloween last year and the Grinch this year.  So I just know he'll love these Grinch cookies from Jolene's Recipe Journal! 

     10.  My aunt Marlene and her girls love these oatmeal carmelettes.  Of course we do too now that we have been introduced.  They are sooooo good when you warm them up just a bit in the microwave. 

    11.  For a little change in pace, it will be nice to have these gingered lemon drops from The Tip Garden.  They made the top 10 in her city's newspaper's holiday cookie contest, so you know they have to be good! 


    12.  This year take your snickerdoodles to the next level! Andrea from Living on Cloud Nine makes them so pretty and festive in these white chocolate dipped snickerdoodles.  I can just imagine the flavors and textures mingling in such a delightful way, not to mention how beautiful they are! 

   13.  These S'more cookie cups are a new favorite at our house. You could make them extra festive by giving them a drizzle of chocolate and a few sprinkles if you wanted to, but they are perfectly delicious as is and will be well received either way! 

Bizcochitos (or biscochitos) are a traditional New Mexican cookie made with anise and cinnamon.

14.    I've never had a bizcochito before, but now I can't wait.  That Recipe shared them and says they are a shortbread cookie spiced with anise and cinnamon. They look yummy and have my taste buds dancing already! 

15.  Cuppa cookies,  a cup of this and a cup of that is all it takes to make these light and crisp cookies and your family will be full of gratitude! These buttery cookies are loaded with goodies and taste amazing. They are perfect any time of year. If you cane hear thinking I was referring to a cuppa tea or coffee, they happen to be great with those as well!

16.  I can't wait to try these white chocolate pistachio pudding cookies from Savory Moments.  I have a brother who really loves pistachios and I can't wait to make these for him! 

Snow Kisses

17.  These cookies from Cindy's Recipes and Writings are appropriately called snow kisses.  They do look like delicate kisses of snow. They will be a pretty addition to your cookie table! 

plate of chocolate covered cherry snowball cookies

18.  These chocolate covered cherry snowballs were a new cookie to us last year.  Chocolate covered cherries are always a favorite holiday treat for my dad, so I thought I would make a cookie version.  These were a surefire hit with my family and will be one with yours too! 

19.  I love no bake oatmeal cookies.  I have made some that are peanut butter and chocolate and some that are just peanut butter and oatmeal.  I have never made butterscotch one though. So I can't wait to try these no bake butterscotch oatmeal cookies from Kelly Lynn's Sweets and treats. 

20. Sweet, salty, crunchy and soft, these kitchen sink cookies have it all. Full of caramel, chocolate and even bits of pretzel. They are based off the popular Panera cookies and they are delicious.

21.  These peppermint Oreo cookies from Our Unschooling Journey are sure to be a hit with our crew as well.  Putting one of our favorite cookies into a cookie can only be extra good! 

peppermint mocha shortbread cookies

22.  While we are on the subject of peppermint, I'll throw out one more idea. These peppermint mocha shortbread cookies have a buttery base, a fudgy frosting and a perfect sprinkle of candy cane on top! 

So many great cookie recipes. There will be something for everyone on your list. Christmas cookies have never looked so good!


  1. Carlee, these all look so good! Some classic but a lot of fresh new takes!

    1. Aren't there some fun ones? Thank you and I hope you had a merry Christmas!

  2. Hi Carlee, the build up to Christmas should start earlier just so we can fit more baking in! I'd happily enjoy any of these cookies any time of the year! If I get time I'm going to try the snow kiss cookies as I do like a nice shortbread like coikie this time of year!


    1. My family tends to go a little nuts on the cookie baking, we just need more people to eat them! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Debbie!

  3. I can't wait to get in the kitchen to make some of these! Thanks for including my oreos too!

  4. Yum!! I love all of these cookies - so many new ones to add to my list. Thanks for featuring my pistachio pudding cookies!

    1. They look delicious! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  5. What a round up of festive goodness..cookies, my all time favorite. I can't wait to try some of them and I thank you pretty lady for including my white chocolate dipped snickerdoodles. Have a beautiful weekend!

  6. My baking list keeps getting longer and longer! Thank you so much for including the Grinch Cookies I made :)

    1. I know right?! Your cookies are so much fun!

  7. These all sound delicious!! Thanks so much for including my Sour Cream Cookies :)

  8. Cookies are my weakness! I want to make these all! Love this! Thanks for sharing at Friday Frenzy Link Party! PINNED!

  9. Wow! So many great baking options! Thanks for including my muddy snowballs. I see a few going on my baking list.


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