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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Fill Your Easter Table with Ideas from Celebrate365

A collection of fun Easter recipes to fill your table.  From cute recipes, to spring recipes, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.  There is sure to be something for everyone!

      Do you love to celebrate holidays?  I've always enjoyed celebrating the holidays.  I love the traditions, the excuse to get together and all of the foooooood!  I enjoyed them as a child and even as a young adult, but now that I have a holiday obsessed little one they are even more fun.  Seeing him get excited weeks ahead of a holiday and looking forward to them the way he does makes it hard to not look forward to them myself!

     Easter is quickly becoming one of our favorites.  If you like themed food, it doesn't get much cuter than Easter!  The bunny butt pancakes are at the top of the list for sure, but the carrot shaped cheese balls are fun too! Or there are the carrot treats like our new favorite, cinnamon streusel topped carrot pie or the long time favorite of carrot cake.

     What are your favorite ways to celebrate Easter?  Do you have brunch, lunch or dinner?  Maybe you do them all?  If you have a blog, please share some of your favorites with us.  If you are looking for inspiration, you are in the right place.  Click on any of the little pictures below to be taken to the full recipe.  Our menu cards will be full before we know it, we may have to celebrate a few times to make them all!

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