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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Spring Brunch Ideas with Celebrate365

Spring is the perfect season for brunch. Whether your prefer the sweets, the breakfast dishes or fun salads and lunch type foods, it's all game! Peruse our great menu ideas!

     Is it just me or does spring seem like the perfect brunch season? Maybe it's because Easter and Mother's Day seem to be the brunchiest (totally a word!) holidays.  Maybe it's because it's finally warming up ans fresh flavorful berries are everywhere.  No matter the reason, I think we should celebrate!

      So my friends Val from Corn, Beans, Pigs and Kids and Jan from Tip Garden and I are hosting a brunch theme party.  I just love seeing all of the great ideas from fellow bloggers.

      As if that isn't enough inspiration, this coming week is BrunchWeek! So there will be a ton more fabulous ideas and even a fun giveaway coming down the pike.

      You are not going to want to miss one delicious brunchy bite along the way! Be sure to come back each day and get your grocery lists ready.


  1. Carlee, I'm going to check out your Irish Tea Brack recipe. Thank you for hosting. I'm giving away THE perfect knife for brunch (or lots of other things) this week. It would make a great gift for a bride or for a mom who still doesn't have a good knife to her name after all these years!

    1. A good knife makes all of the difference. I hope you love the tea brack!


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