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Friday, May 11, 2018

Great Brunch Ideas for a Crowd

Great brunch ideas for feeding a crowd. There are great make ahead recipes and bigger batch recipes too.  Of course there is sweet and savory as well!

       It's almost Mother's Day! Early in our relationship, Mother's and Father's Day were the first holidays we took over. We invited the siblings, our parents and grandparents for plenty of food and fun.

        We did that for years and they were always a blast. Lately it's been a little more difficult to pull off.  We are almost always hosting that same group for a birthday party that weekend instead! Honestly that's even more fun. 😉

      However my husband and I are both pretty lucky in the mom/mother-in-law department. So we would love to still do something special to thank them.

       Maybe you aren't hosting a birthday party this weekend and you have time to throw a big shindig.  Maybe we'll get out bearings back and throw a belated Mother's Day brunch.  No matter the occasion, having some great brunch recipes to feed a crowd are always welcome.

        While making eggs Benedict for a a few is nice, sometimes you need something more practical if you are feeding a big bunch without a sous chef and a commercial kitchen! So here are some show stopping dishes that don't require quite so much fuss and are great for a crowd!


         My husband loves making omelettes and always wants to make them for the group.  I am always nervous that will take all day!  This ham and cheese omelette roll from Corn, Beans, Pigs and Kids solves those problems. Just imagine how great that will look on your brunch spread.

         I am sucker for a good sweet roll and these meyer lemon and blackberry rolls from Cindy's Recipes and Writings look absolutely amazing. When our blackberries ripen in a few weeks, these are definitely going to be on the menu!

        My family is always ready for tacos and these Texas breakfast tacos from Simple and Savory look like they are absolutely bursting with flavor! Make a big skillet full of the filling and let people assemble their own with their favorite toppings.

        Making pancakes can be time consuming, but making one big pancake is perfect! This coconut and raspberry skillet pancake from Books -n- Cooks is a great way to give everybody some without sweating over the griddle. Plus just imagine how good that coconut and raspberry flavor is going to be!

        A good breakfast casserole is always a great way to get a big group fed and this cheesy hash brown casserole from Karen's Kitchen Stories looks like the perfect hearty way to get the day going.  I can just see my brothers going back for seconds already!

      You know I am a fan of dessert inspired dishes any time of the day, so cobbler for breakfast sounds like a winner to me! This cherry breakfast cobbler from Tip Garden looks like a delicious and beautiful way to brunch!

      These mini spinach and cheese quiche are a breeze to put together and can even be made ahead if needed.  They are a hit every time I make them and are easily customizable as well.

      If you are in the mood for some coffee cake, there are some great options there as well.  Strawberry Blondie Kitchen shared her cookie butter coffee cake, and I would be happy to be served a piece for sure!

      Sous vide is taking the world by storm.  These instant pot sous vide bacon egg bites from Chasing Saturdays are on my must make list.

      Of course brunch wouldn't be complete without my good friend, Andrea. She made some toffee coffee cake for her brunch bananza and I can't wait to have some at mine as well!

     And muffins are always welcome! Whether it's for brunch or a grab and go breakfast, they are perfect for a little sweet treat as well.  Ellen from Family Around the Table is lucky enough to have her own key lime tree from making key lime muffins, but we can make ours with store bought!


  1. Hi Carlee, there's not one thing in your list that I would turn my nose up at. What a collection of brunch ideas... I can imagine a party at yours must leave peoples taste buds really buzzing too.


  2. These wonderful tips for brunch. These are all great ideas and this post has made me hungry. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday. Hope to see you at the party next week!


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