Sunday, June 3, 2018

Great Grilling Ideas with #Celebrate365

Grilling season is upon us, but this year lets try some new recipes. Here is some inspiration to fire up the BBQ and do something new!

     Summer is here and its time to fire up those grills.  We love grilling and my husband is always excited when I tell him it's his turn to cook.  He is happy no matter what I give him to cook too.  He gets the same smile whether it's burgers or something more creative.

    Little Dude loves it too.  His favorite are chicken drumsticks on the grill.  It's the perfect amount of meat for him to eat for dinner and he likes that they have a built in handle. Sometimes we marinate them in lemon and yogurt, sometimes we brush them with BBQ sauce or simply do them with lemon pepper seasoning.

     So now I am curious what your favorite grilling recipes are.  Share some if you have them or simply look through what others have shared and get some inspiration!


  1. Thanks for the invitation to join this party Carlee. Off to take a peek at the others.

  2. I need some new ideas for the grill! Great timing!

    1. Hooray! We definitely needed some inspiration too. We usually do the same things over and over!


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