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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Ice Cream and Frozen Treat Inspiration

Get inspired to make fun new frozen treats. We have ice cream recipes, recipes made with ice cream and popsicles too. Some come cool down with a fun treat!

     It's feeling hot, hot, hot! Does saying that make you want to shake maracas? Just me? It's probably some deep seeded dance class memories! No matter, as the weather heats up we look to cold treats to cool down!

      Little Dude enjoyed turning fruit juice into popsicles last year. We didn't do anything creative enough to post, so I'm hoping to get some fun ideas for this summer!

    Mimi is usually the ice cream maker of the family.  I've shared quite a few of her recipes. Her vanilla ice cream is spectacular. The churro ice cream was a fun one and of course the blackberry ice cream was a smash hit!

If you haven't entered yet, you can win this fun ice cream prize pack here!

     Up until recently, I had stuck to no churn recipes like the sundae cone dream ice cream and peanut butter chocolate chip ice cream.  But now I have an ice cream maker and I christened it with my rendition of a orange creamsicle cheesecake ice cream! Yum!

     No matter how many favorites we have, there is always room for a few more.  So let us know all about your favorite frozen treats. And spoiler alert my friends and I are hosting and ice cream social tomorrow and I'm bringing a cookies and cream ice cream cake!

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  1. Thanks for hosting this! I'm loving all of the linked frozen treat recipes!


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