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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Fun Monster Rice Crispy Treats

Fun monster rice crispy treats with loads of eyeballs are a cute Halloween treat. They are quick and easy to make and perfect for a party!

rice krispie treat topped with blue chocolate and lots of eyeball candies

These fun chocolate dipped monster rice crispy treats have their eyes on you! They are a sweet, fun, non-gory, kid friendly Halloween treat. They are also quick and easy to make.  You can churn a bunch out in no time, so they are a perfect dessert for parties or classroom treats.

   Halloween is such a fun holiday to cook for. There are so many different options and such a wide range freak factor.

    I love shrimp on the brain dip with its cocktail sauce blood and graphic knife. However those kind of visuals are a bit much for some people.

     Then there are the pumpkin jack-o-lantern cookies my family has loved since I was a child. The candy and frosting decorations are far from scary.

rice krispie treat squares by bowl of melted white chocolate dyed blue and tray of monster treats

      These monsters and the mummy rice krispie treats I shared last week are more on the cute side of things. They are kid friendly both in looks and taste, but adults love them too!

    The rice crispy treat recipe below makes really thick and chewy bars when made in a 9x13" pan. If you want to make more servings, feel free to use a larger pan and make thinner bars.

    I used white chocolate dyed with powdered food color dye for my bars. You want to use either powder or oil based colors so your chocolate doesn't seize.  If you want to make adding the powder a bit easier, you can stir it into a teaspoon or two of melted coconut oil.

monster rice krispie treat bars with blue chocolate and eyeballs on wax paper lined tray

     A few drops of oil based flavorings makes for a fun addition as well. A drop or two of lemon oil and blueberry oil makes for fun blueberry lemonade monsters!  Just be careful to add slowly and taste as you go, a little bit goes a long way!

    You could also use candy melts already dyed in the color you want. There are a lot of colors available.

plate of blue monster rice krispie treats with eyeball rings

     Once your rice crispy treats are set, all you have to do is dunk one side in melted chocolate. Spread it on smooth, give it a swirl or even make little spikes with a knife.

     Then affix some eyeballs to the chocolate however you'd like. I think the mix of small eyeballs with the large eyeball candies is especially fun.

      After that all you have to do is let them set! Easy peasy!

skull shaped plate with rice krispie treat mummies and monsters

     If you would like additional tips on make the rice krispie treats themselves, check out my white chocolate mummy rice crispy treat post.

      Maybe you'll want to make some of each for the Halloween class party. The kids will love them!


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Yield: 18 servings

Fun Monster Rice Crispy Treats

Fun monster rice crispy treats with loads of eyeballs are a cute Halloween treat. They are quick and easy to make and perfect for a party!
prep time: 20 Mcook time: 2 Mtotal time: 22 M



How to cook Fun Monster Rice Crispy Treats

  1. Grease 9x13" pan
  2. In a large glass bowl, melt together marshmallows and butter in microwave until they stir smooth.  This will depend on your microwave but should take somewhere between 30-45 seconds.
  3. Stir in cereal. 
  4. Scoop mixture into greased pan and press down to form bars.  (I like to spray the bottom of a measuring cup with nonstick spray and use that to press the mixture down so it doesn't stick to my hands.)
  5. Allow bars to cool and set, then cut into pieces the size you'd like.
  6. Slowly melt the white chocolate in a glass bowl in the microwave. I like to start with a 30 second burst, then do 15 second bursts after that.  Stir well after each trip to the microwave and stop as soon as it stirs smooth. Be careful not to scorch the chocolate.
  7. Now add some of the powdered dye to color the chocolate. Start with a little bit and add until you get the color you want. If it's not incorporating well, you can stir the dye into a little bit of melted coconut oil first. 
  8. Dip one side of each rice crispy treat into the melted chocolate. You can leave a smooth finish or add texture with a spatula or knife. Affix eyeballs and allow to set.
  9. Store in an airtight container until ready to serve. 
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Fun monster rice crispy treats with loads of eyeballs are a cute Halloween treat. They are quick and easy to make and perfect for a party!


  1. Eyes on the sweet prize for sure. These are darling!

  2. Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchenOctober 10, 2019 at 9:01 AM

    These are adorable! Those little googly eyes are too cute!

  3. What a fun little treat! Thanks so much for sharing your awesome post with us at Full Plate Thursday,453. Hope you have a great week and come back to see us soon!
    Miz Helen

  4. What fun little treats for Halloween!

  5. Fun! With the blue they kind of reminded me of Cookie Monster too :)

    1. They do me too, maybe that's why I relate to them so much! ;-)


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