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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Pumpkin Ooey Gooey Butter Cake

Pumpkin gooey butter cake is simple to make and tastes like fall. It is part cake bar, part pumpkin cheesecake and all delicious!  
fork going in for a bite of pumpkin gooey butter cake

    Starting with a cake mix make whipping up these fabulous pumpkin bars a cinch.  You can have them in the oven in no time at all. Then you can enjoy the simple crust and rich gooey pumpkin filling. They are a fabulous make ahead fall dessert. 

Sunday, October 25, 2020

No Boil Baked Ziti - A Dump and Bake Dinner

 Enjoy all of the goodness of baked ziti with a fraction of the prep work! You don't have to boil the noodles or brown the meat, just layer it up and bake it to perfection. 

spoon lifting serving of baked ziti out of pan

      If you love baked pasta meals like lasagna and baked ziti, but hate the effort of putting them together, you are in the right place! This recipe lets you skip the boiling and browning, that saves time and dirty dishes! You can have this family friendly dinner on the table looking like a rock star with very little prep.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Velvety Maple Pumpkin Pie Baked Oatmeal

This baked oatmeal tastes like fall and has a texture more like a baked pudding than the baked oatmeal you are used to. You have to try it to believe it! 

spatula lifting piece of pumpkin pie baked oatmeal out of baking dish

     Velvety smooth and delicious, this baked oatmeal tastes like a slice of breakfast pie. It is easy to make in individual servings, or make a pan. It is great leftover too. This healthy version may just become your new favorite fall breakfast option!

Maple Whipped Cream

Fluffy whipped cream lightly and naturally sweetened with maple syrup goes well with so many treats. Try it on baked oatmeal, waffles and pancakes in the morning and on apple and pumpkin treats all fall long!

whisk with freshly beaten maple whipped cream on it

    A little whipped cream on top of something is all it takes to transform a treat from good to great. This maple whipped cream takes that transformation to the next level. The maple syrup adds those sweet warm tones that make it extra tasty. A dollop on top of your breakfast or dessert is sure to make it even more memorable. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Bacon Pineapple Jalapeno Popper Dip

Get the flavor you love from bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese and pineapple in a simple to make dip. It's a great way to feed poppers to a crowd! 

spoonful of melty, gooey, cheesy jalapeno popper dip being lifted out of cast iron pan

     This warm and creamy dip has it all. It's sweet, savory, spicy and delicious. You get the flavor of bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers with a twist. The pineapple adds an extra layer of flavor and makes it oh so good! Dig in with tortilla or pita chips or spread it over crackers for a fabulous appetizer or game day snack. 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Grandpa Joe's Pumpkin Apple Muffins

These muffins ooze fall. Loaded with pumpkin, apples and warm spices, they are soft and delicious bakery style muffins. This recipe has stayed a family favorite for good reason!

hand holding half a pumpkin muffin with chunks of apple inside

     The warm fall flavors of pumpkin, apples and pumpkin pie spice always go so well together. These soft muffins bring them all together in every tasty bite.  They are easy to make and freeze beautifully.  Plus you get that big rounded muffin top just like at the bakeries.  Your fall morning will be that much better if it starts with a mug of seasonal coffee or tea and one of these muffins!

Friday, October 16, 2020

Apple Butter Pie

Creamy apple butter pie is silky and delicious.  It has the texture of pumpkin pie, but with the flavor of apples and goodness of sweetened condensed milk instead!

close up of slice of apple butter pie being lifted out of pie plate

     This may just become your new favorite fall pie!  It is easy to make and tastes amazing.  The apple butter gives it such a wonderful apple flavor and the cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk bring that silky smooth creaminess.  The combination is sure to win over your taste buds.  Make one for a fall gathering and be sure to have on your Thanksgiving dessert table too!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore Soup

This flavorful chicken and vegetable soup is easy, delicious and healthy. Plus it's all made in a slow cooker while you do something else. Top with cheese for a perfect dinner on a cold night.  
bowl of Italian style chicken soup with tomato base, pasta, and chopped peppers with cheese on top

       This simple Italian inspired chicken soup comes together in a slow cooker leaving you free to go about your day. Stir in some pasta about a half an hour before it's time to eat and dinner is ready! It will fill your family's bellies and warm them right up. Nobody will have to know how easy it was to make, that can be our little secret!

Monday, October 12, 2020

How to Make Homemade Apple Butter

Get your toast ready, because you are going to want to devour this homemade apple butter as soon as you are done making it!  

apple butter spread over toast

     This easy recipe turns unsweetened applesauce into a delicious flavorful apple butter with very little effort. All you have to do is give it an occasional stir. That's really it! So whip some up today and put it on everything from toast and English muffins to pancakes and more. Or use it to bake more tasty apple treats!

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Cranberry Applesauce

This delicious and vibrant sauce is part applesauce and part cranberry sauce. It is colorful and perfect along pork or chicken. It will be great on your Thanksgiving table as well!     
wooden spoon filled with red cranberry applesauce held over pot of sauce


      This applesauce has the magic of cranberries mixed right in.  Not only do they lend their crimson color, but a great tart burst that is will keep your taste buds dancing.  This is a great snack, would be perfect stirred into a bowl of oatmeal or served as a side dish.  Your Thanksgiving table is begging for this fabulous recipe instead of cranberry sauce from a jar.  You will find it pairs well with pork and chicken as well.