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About Me

       Hi! I am Carlee and I like to cook.  Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I share favorite recipes of all types.  I am usually known for my sweets, especially frosting but we do like to eat a great variety of recipes.  

        This started as a passion project to try new recipes and preserve the recipes.  It has turned into so much more than that now. My whole family gets involved. They are all great taste testers, perfect grumblers when I am taking too long to snap pics of something they want to eat and suggestors when I need some help coming up with ideas.


   I  started 2015 off with a new kind of goal.  Rather than the promise to lose weight and workout more (both of which I would still like to do), I decided to do something a bit more fun.  I am collecting family recipes and trying them all.  Some are old recipes from generations past, others are new favorites that are go-to recipes for family members now.

   This blog was an afterthought.  Why not have a place where everyone could come to look for Grandma Ruth's famous caramel corn, Grandma Rae's famous breakfast spaghetti or Maw-Maw's stuffing?  You may make something that brings back a good memory or pick up a new favorite.

   It is amazing how quickly things change.  I thought this would be a fun way to curate some recipes and document as I made them.  My cousins may check in every once in a while and my mom would be the only one following along.  It has been fun watching the blog grow and a challenge to stay ahead of it.  I still have a lot to learn, but it has been an interesting crash course.

Have any questions or need to know more about something you saw on this site?  Feel free to email me at carlee (at) cooking with carlee .com

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  1. This will be fun to follow you. I have set plans to cook a recipe from my grandmother's recipe box and my mom's and I always get side tracked by some new idea! Best of luck.
    Thanks for stopping by Tumbleweed Contessa.


    1. It has been a lot of fun so far. Though some of the older recipes are a little hard to follow!

  2. I also started my recipe blog so family would have a place to find the recipes they wanted. As my children started growing up and leaving home, they would often call for a recipe. Now they can find all their favorites on my blog.

    1. It is handy to have a place to go look for family favorites. Plus this way when friends ask for a recipe after a party, I can say it's on the blog! I am sure your kids love having a place to look for good recipes.

  3. Hi Carlee!
    I love all these fun old photos you have shared... of your family yes? The one on the ostrich is priceless! It was fun reading a little bit more to why you started your blog. It is such a GREAT idea! And we are all thankful you are sharing your family's tasty recipes! :)

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