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Cast of Characters

MiMi/Ice Cream Maker in Chief: She's really mom to me, but Jax calls her MiMi. So, now that is her name.  If he is around we all refer to her as that.  She has been wanting to be a MiMi for at least a decade, so we figure we might as well indulge her!

    She is my biggest supporter, my biggest contributor and definitely a cheerleader.  She is great at coming up with ideas when I don't have any and likes to fill in with complete posts of her own.  Her specialty is coming up with new ice cream flavors to match whatever crazy dessert we are dreaming up!   She is also my YouTube star, as it is hard for me to record something and do it at the same time!

Jax: He may be little, but he is a big help in the kitchen.  He loves helping me make anything, but popcorn, baked oatmeal and scrambled eggs are his favorites.  He can crack his own eggs, grate his own cheese and even peels hard boiled eggs.  He is only two, but he know more than you.  Just ask him, he'll tell you!

Matt:  He's my husband.  Mostly he just indulges my crazy ideas and helps keep Jax out of the way when having "help" really isn't helpful.  Though he does offer some really good ideas along the way too.  He can cook anything over a fire and is the master of the tri-fold omelet.

K.C.:  K.C. is one of my brothers.  I have three and he is the middle one.  He happens to live across the street, which is really handy.  He is the master of big meat.  He has a couple of smokers and makes all sorts of delicious treats on that.  He also was the mastermind behind our crab feast, smokes a mean brisket and made a turducken that would knock your socks off. He also got us started on our annual shrimp boils and introduced us to the bacon explosion.

Pops:  He's my dad, and like Matt his biggest contribution is usually letting MiMi and I do whatever crazy thing we dreamed up.  He is the dishwasher in chief at MiMi's and the grill-master as well.  He is famous for his sugar corn recipe that he keeps saying he is going to share with us one of these days and makes the most tender backstrap bul kogi you could ever ask for!

Chloe: She's away at school for most of the year, but she loves to experiment with us when she is home.  She is learning to like new things while she is away too, which means she brings back fun ideas when she does visit!  She still loves her pancakes and guacamole but there are exciting things on the horizon with from Chloe! 


  1. Love this page Carlee! What a fun idea to share all the people that make your recipes possible. To finally 'meet' Mimi, since I have heard so much about her was great! You have quite the wonderful crew, no wonder all your recipes sound delicious!

    1. Thanks, AJ! I have more siblings who are trying to earn a spot on the page. ;-) We have a lot of fun if nothing else!

  2. LOL..and you are? I missed that. Where do you live? I love your recipes and I'm very famy oriented. Working on my family tree right now. I love stories like this. Have a great week!

    1. Ha! I need to do a little updating here, don't I. I have an about me page as well, but that probably could use some tweaks as well!


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